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Every person joining LIC desires to succeed as LIC Agent in terms of money, recognition and satisfied life. But most of them struggle due to many factors and even if they manage to succeed they are unable to continuously repeat the same in future.

To understand why people succeed as LIC Agent, first we should understand why people fail as LIC agent. The major reasons for failure as LIC Agent are as follows:

✔ No Proper Direction ✔ No Proper Training ✔ No Proper Work Habits
✔ No Proper Knowledge ✔ No Proper Skill Development ✔ No Proper Personal Coaching

Our Objective

To help newly recruited LIC agents to overcome above shortcomings and help them identify their individual strength and by using scientific training methodology help them succeed as LIC Agent and create a long lasting and fruitful career as LIC agent.


Our Success Formula

We follow time tested successful training formula as follows:

Proper Goals : First we teach newly recruited LIC Agents to write down proper personal, professional and financial goals to have right direction to work and then teach right method to achieve the same.

Proper Knowledge : We give detail knowledge about LIC products, paperwork, after sales service, client relationship management etc.

Proper Training : Each candidate is regularly trained in detail about sales related skills like: How to Find New Clients, Right Approach Skills, and Efficient Presentation Skills etc.

Proper Skill Development :All candidates trained in above skills are taught to practice the same regularly under personal guidance of Mr. Nikhilesh Tawde.

Proper Work Habits :This is the most important key for your success. We teach you about right work habits and practice of the same so that you not only succeed as LIC Agent, but also in other aspects of your life.

Proper Personal Coaching :We work as your personal coach and mentor you to become a successful LIC agent.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a successful team of LIC Agents :

✔ Whose income is Rs 1,00,000/- per months and above each, and

✔ Who would regularly qualify for Internationally Recognized MDRT Life Insurance Agent Status of MDRT, USA.

Benefits of this Training for New Agents:

The best reward of scientific training for newly recruited LIC Agent is as follows:

✔  Gets Established business,

✔  Each individual gets a chance to earn Rs 12 Lakhs P.A.,

✔  Earn lifelong increasing and guaranteed renewal commission,

✔   Golden chance to represent LIC in MDRT Conference USA,

✔  Interest Free Monetary Advance* for: Car, Office, Laptop. etc,

✔ Discounted housing loan*

..........and many more benefits.

Our Support:

We will take complete responsibility for success of candidate becoming LIC Agents in terms of training & support through this special training program. The selected candidates will be provided detail training divided in 5 different modules spread across following process :

Classroom Training = Short and Intense

Field Training = Long and Demonstrative

Personal Counseling = Evaluative and Descriptive.

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