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Benefits for LIC Agent

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Benefits for LIC Agent

Everybody works for money, but when your hard work is rewarded with unlimited income earning opportunity you get maximum job satisfaction. This is how LIC rewards her agents.

As an LIC Agent you get following benefits:

✔ Attractive highest commission structure on each policy sold by you. Commission Rates on Premium as follows:

Term of Policy Year % Commission on Premium
10 to 14 1st Year 28%
15 & above 1st Year 35%
✔ Life Long Renewal Commission on each of the above policy sold from 2nd year onwards is as follows:

Year % Commission on Premium
2nd Year 7.5%
3rd Year 7.5%
4th Year onwards 5%

Other Benefits includes:

• Club Membership Benefits:

Your performance will always be honored by LIC through monetary and non monetary benefits by offering you various club memberships as follows:

• Branch Manager Club Membership • Divisional Manager Club Membership
• Zonal Manager Club Membership • Chairman Club Membership
The above club memberships will give you following benefits: -

✔ Office Allowances up to 1,00,000/- ✔ Group Insurance
✔ Telephone Reimbursement upto Rs 12,000/- ✔ Mediclaim cover
✔ Discounted Housing Loan at 5.25% ✔ Advance for Religious ceremonies
✔ Interest Free Vehicle Advances for: Computer/ Laptop Advance ✔ LIC Guest House Facility etc
✔ Sales Promotion Gift Item up to Rs. 10,000/-
✔ Interest Free Advance to purchase Office Equipments
✔ Festival Advance upto Rs 11,000/-

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