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Frequently asked questions.

Q. 1. What is the age and qualification for joining?

Ans. As per IRDA’s guidelines person joining as LIC agent should be age minimum 18years and above and qualification minimum S.S.C. passed and above. 

Q. 2. I am presently working have I to leave my job to join? 
Ans.  No, to become LIC Agent in Mumbai you need not leave your existing job or profession.

Q.3. What will be the training schedules and times if I am working?
Ans. There are different training schedules for full time agents and part time agents. For part timer training will be scheduled in evening and on Sundays. 

Q. 4. What is the target?
Ans: As per LIC guidelines you need to achieve any one of the following targets:

  • 12 policy (of different person) or
  • 6 Lives (of different person) with Rs 50000 premium collection, or
  • 1 lakh total premium collection. 

Q. 5. I don’t have any previous sales and marketing experience but can I join?

Ans.Yes. You can join. We are looking for candidates with specific traits or qualities (specified during information session) hence person without sales experience but with those qualities still can join. 

Q. 6. What are total fees?

Ans: Your total expenses are Rs. 975 before joining. After joining all training and material is absolutely free. 

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