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Our Support

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We have developed scientific training method and support system which will help you to work confidently in this field right from the beginning and our main focus will be to develop your hidden potentials and talents to use in this profession effectively.

This is what we do for you:

✔ 24/7 back office support.
✔ Technological support.
✔ On field and off field Training.

Also we offer following monetary special benefits to encourage LIC agents for better performance:

✔ Special Free Agency Kit exclusive for the candidates only.
✔ Monetary sponsorship program for skill developments.
✔ Special Monetary Reimbursement scheme to attain international MDRT, COT and TOT conference in USA/ Canada every year.
✔ Various monetary and non monetary competitions every month to motivate for business development.
✔ Special Monthly Training programs for becoming successful LIC Agents.
✔ 100% Personal Guidance and Counseling session for better business performance.
……….many more benefits.

*All monetary sponsorships will be based on your business performance

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