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Role of LIC Agent

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Role of LIC Agent

The main role of LIC Agent is to:

     ✔ Understand complete details of how insurance industry works.

     ✔ Study in details all LIC Products and its benefits.

     ✔ Study financial needs of an individual in important stages of life.

And then,

     ✔ Prospect new clients,

     ✔ Approach them formally,

     ✔ Set an appointment and meet them,

     ✔ Understand their future financial needs

     ✔ Advice them right insurance product to achieve their future financial goal.

     ✔ Complete all formalities required to complete the policy as per company guideline.

     ✔ Assist policy holders to manage their existing insurance portfolio.

     ✔ Assist policy holders or their nominees in case of maturity or death claim respectively.

Apart from above LIC agent plays a major role in bridging gap between LIC and Policyholder.
We may not be wrong if we quote that:

“He is the key player in the insurance industry on which insurance companies depend for their business.”

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