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Power of Agency Business

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Power of Agency Business

We cannot quantify your career as LIC Agent based on money only because sometimes money is just one of the factors.

Let’s understand power of agency as business career in detail but in simple manner:

✔ Best Additional or Main Source of Income: LIC Agency can be one of the best additional or main sources of income for you as it offers highest commission of 35% on premium collected by you.

✔ Renewal Commission Income: LIC Agency gives powerful source of guaranteed lifelong increasing income as it offer renewal commission on all policies sold by you.

✔ Asset Creation: LIC’s Agency is a powerful source to create your own assets like: luxurious flats, spacious properties, luxurious cars, Office etc. as it offers various club memberships.

✔ Liabilities & Responsibilities Provision: LIC Agency helps you provide for your existing liabilities like Home Loan, Personal Loan etc., and future responsibilities like Children’s Education, Marriage etc.

✔ Quality Life: LIC Agency offers maximum free time due to guaranteed life time renewal income, which helps you to improve overall quality of your life with strong chance of early retirement.

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